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[Updated: 2018-01-14] January 2018 Updates - Bug fix patch & future stuff

Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:41 pm by Chuck Norris

Bug fix patch
I've already released one bug fix patch for the big serious bugs, there are a few bugs that aren't that serious that people can actually get around (like the few in the treasure hunting event) got an exam tomorrow and the day after that. This weekend I haven't been scripting due to exams, but on wed I will have nothing to do until monday, so I will make up for the lost time.

I looked over my patch 4.1.1 and I made the decision that the patch is not necessary. Any bugs I fixed in it are not game breaking. You guys can still get treasure 9, this patch doesn't have any contents for the players to enjoy so I want to release it along with some content (unless you guys are highly against this). I am planning 4.2 for the end of january/mid february where there will be content.

Keep suggesting stuff and I will keep working on my list, nothing big planned unfortunately, until I get a good idea. I got plenty of custom content, but could always use more so be sure to …

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December News 2017 (again but kinda new) - Just talking about content like usual

Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:13 am by Chuck Norris

Long text this time. Check out 1 and 2 if you want something to reply to and checkout the rest for information

Okay first of: The guy that hacked Andri deleted my previous topic, so I am Writing this one again. It won't be a copy paste and you can see it more as a new update to what I said a few Days ago.

So the missions I am working on? The World is not really on my side and I constantly f*ck up and have to fix bugs. The testing time is a pain in the ass. It might take years Before I complete like 50 missions. So far in like 1 month I am on 2 missions and they are kinda playable. Additionally to that, it's the first two missions so they aren't really that interesting, like missions usually are in games. Once I get my first two missions finished I Think it will go faster scripting the next one. However, It will take time.

Everyone have given me many cool suggestions, but I am desparate for some job suggestions. The thing about delivering pizza vs picking up garbage is that it …

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November Updates - Patch 4.1, more of my usual talks.

Sat Nov 11, 2017 2:37 pm by Chuck Norris

Patch 4.1
I won't give out a date, but I am aiming for november, this patch will include a thing for the NPCs, suggestions and one new job. That I am actually looking forward to scripting. This job is a job I actually want to do and put a lot of effort into it. I have for a very long time, not scripted certain things because I felt like I had to produce content for you guys fast. So in the future I am going to implement cool things that I want to make and at the same time give you guys what you ask for in suggestions.

In 4.2 or later patches I will start giving you guys some more custom content (skins, vehicles and stuff), right now we've had a lot and I want to do my own things and suggestions I receive.

About the state of VC-MP the server
To me VC-MP seems very quiet right now, at a time where I don't really feel as motivated as I used to. I will never stop providing content for this server, but some content that I want to create right now might take a lot of time. Which is why I …

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October 2017 Update - Small update today + Discussing things like usual.

Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:31 am by Chuck Norris

Well guys I will bring out a small update tomorrow fixing a few bugs + adding a halloween theme similar to the christmas one. It won't be anything Amazing, but there will be presents and custom content for you to enjoy while joining during halloween.

There seems to be a decreasing amount of players on the server not sure if people are just getting tired of the server, VC-MP or if it's something else. I don't think it has to do with anything I am doing, so I will just continue to script like usual. What I am planning to script is nothing big, you can expect Another minigame/job for patch 4.1 to fill out the rewards I missed from patch 4.0, you can probably also expect some NPC update + maybe a test of discord. I am not sure where the server is going, I have been doing it for so many years and I have already scripted so many things that I didn't think was possible. What we have to face is that some time in the future there might not be much more I can add and I can simply …

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September 2017 Update - Patch 4.0 estimated release date, plans after that and halloween

Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:49 pm by Chuck Norris

Patch 4.0
I feel like I have to set a release date for myself and that release date will be between the 30th and 7th of october. I have really tried my best to just script a whole bunch of things for patch 4.0 which will hopefully make it worthy of it's x.0 name, just like patch 3.0 was. This is probably the first patch ever where I have scripted something for everyone. If you remember that topic I made where you guys voted for 9 things. I feel like I gave at least something in all categories. I truly gave it all for at least the things you guys gave the most vote to. I don't Think anyone will say: that I didn't give you lots of custom content for example.

More content will come in the future after patch 4.0 and I really hope you'll all be happy with patch 4.0 when it comes out.

Status of where I am: I have this weekend organized my last todo list and some testing that needs to be done. Next weekend I will work like hell to get it all done or at least as much as I can so it …

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Angel back to the university - Scripting update

Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:12 am by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Hey guys. I've been scripting for everyday since the beginning of june, because I have had summer vacation from my studying. Next week (so after this sunday) I will not be able to script for the server everyday. I will only script on saturday/sunday.

I would say I got 25 % left to script for (my stuff) in patch 4.0 and that I could probably script some suggestions as well. Patch 4.0 is hard, because it has to add a lot of things since it's a big milestone, after this patch is released I can go back to scripting normal patches again.

From about next week and forward I will only be scripting 2 days a week (sunday and saturday). I got an exam today so I won't be scripting today (yes I know I am posting this on an exam day, but I really have nothing else to do Before it starts xD). Tomorrow on friday to sunday I will try to script as much as possible.

as I said Before I hope patch 4.0 is released in september and after that I am most likely going to focus on …

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August Updates 2 - I made my decision about the next patch + Information revealed.

Tue Aug 15, 2017 11:15 am by Chuck Norris

Before you reply: If you are not happy with anything in this post you are free to provide criticism, but please note two things:

1. Read the Community Manager vs Community section properly and try to address it when you post a reply.

2. Do not make threats to you will leave or insults to me. I am under a lot of preasure and as a leader I have to make tough decisions I can't save everyone and I can't please everyone. If you say stuff like that I will immediately throw your opinion away and cut ties with you in anyway.

This post is going to be tough on me and It might be last post in the staff depending on how you guys handle these two recommendations. (Even if that is the case I will still script for the server of course)

The Community vs the Community manager
As the Community manager and the scripter I represent the vision this server has and I respresent every single person who has ever joined the server. The vision I have is very specific and too long to be brought up in …

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August Updates - Patch 3.7/4.0 & 3.6.2 Sliding??? Information and please read.

Mon Jul 31, 2017 10:00 am by Chuck Norris

Sliding won't work in rel004 apparently.
According to some people sliding doesn't work in rel004, that would mean that updating to this version would probably upset a lot of people. I want to hear from you guys, are you okay with this?

Patch 3.6.2
I am Little confused whether or not I should release patch 3.6.2 or release it together with patch 3.7, to make that patch even bigger. I Think people will be upset that patch 3.6.2 mostly contains improvements and bug fixes, (apart from maybe 4 minor things). What do you guys Think I should do?

Patch 3.7 or 4.0
Same thing here, I can do things with patch 3.7 that would go great with 4.0 and actually change the server a Little. So I am not sure if I should release it as patch 4.0 or 3.7.

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May Update - Patch 3.6 and just talking.

Sun May 21, 2017 4:24 pm by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Hey guys sorry about patch 3.6 not being released at the start of May. I am bad at keeping my promises, but the truth is: Scripting for the server is a lot of hard work. I work from 8 am to 7 pm on weekdays and usually have a lot to do on the weekends as well. I am scripting the server because I Think it's fun, but I get a lot of stress from working on it sometimes. The server has gotten so big and there is so much new things to script and at the same time improve the old stuff. I know most of the people on the forum don't do minigames like races and other things, but I still want to expand on that as well. The property system is Always something I am proud of and you guys are really going to enjoy the upcoming updated in patch 3.6 for that.

In the summer which starts in about 2-3 weeks for me, I am going to be scripting a lot as long I don't lose all my motivation. Patch 3.6 will be released soon, but I want this patch to be special and therefor I want to get a lot of work …

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[Denied] Unban app - Malik

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[Denied] Unban app - Malik

Post by ZwiReK^ on Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:19 am

Your in-game name: (Tiger=Malik) , [FS]BlueStorm^

Admin who banned you: =EK=4K.
Date and time of banning: 3 Months ago , and 2nd account 2 weaks ago
Reason given by the admin for the ban: Wall hacking , Speed Hack , Speed Gear, Speed Utility , HP Hack , Ban Evading , Using a Undercover account and many More : 4k I told all the Hacks :

Your defense please: I am sorry to 4k and all the players and admin of Vks Server and Other Servers as well in which I use hacks. I apologize on What i did in the Server. Yesterday i maded 3 Unban Appeals but they all got Denied by 4k with Reason You have already made 2 Unban Appeals Today So I Thought 4k is saying to make a unban appeal tomorrow So I waited till tomorrow. and Now I am making a Unban app. I Hope that It will get accepted Sad . All My Friends Told Me to better make a Unban App. So I worked upon their sayings. I am Sorry for Impersonating as well . Pls Forgive me a Last Time. I will Improve my self.
Again I am Saying :
I'd just like to start off this appeal & apology by saying im extremely sorry to all the admins and staff about what i did in The Vks Server im extremely sorry i have broken the number 1 rule of the server and im deeply sorry i am making this appeal not just for my unbanned but to say sorry for all the admins i abused and i am very sorry i got the anger over my head and i shouldn't of argued with the admin and started swearing i hurt all your feelings in the server and i thought i should write this appeal/ apology Just to show how sorry i am to all of you. i hope we can all be friends and get along together and if im unbanned i would be happy 🙂 i will not swear or hack or break 1 single rule in the Vks server i am once again sorry and i hope you all have a nice afternoon/day.
Witnesses who support you (in-game names): N/A
Any screenshots you took for your defense: N/A
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Re: [Denied] Unban app - Malik

Post by Frodo_BaGGinS on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:16 am

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Re: [Denied] Unban app - Malik

Post by Dark_Abdo on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:30 am

You always apologise and when you get unbanned you start to hack. I dont know why it is hard to you to stop it.
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Re: [Denied] Unban app - Malik

Post by ЧК. on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:41 am

You were just denied 2 times yesterday.


Feel free to PM me for any help.
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Re: [Denied] Unban app - Malik

Post by Sponsored content

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