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September 2016 Updates - Here's the thing. [Read if you're interested in the next patch]

Fri Sep 02, 2016 9:28 am by VK.Angel.OfDeath

1. First of let me tell you how I work. I always script 50 % of what you guys want and 50 % of what I want from the server, which I think most of you don't mind. I mean no one here minds that there are custom properties and minigames, if they just want to DM. They aren't forced to do those type of things, but you know I lose to add them and I know someone of you like them. With that said let me discuss the next patch.

2. Here's the thing for this patch I added because I wanted it for the server.

- A job system that let's you work as different things. New things include lumberjack and garbage man job, which you can only do a certain amount of times a day, these jobs unlock rewards + give you more money than normal minigames. These rewards that you unlock will be described below, but I also made it so you buy these rewards. So why did I add this system? It's simple I did it to increase the things you guys can do and I thought it would maybe be fun to have something you can only a …

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Updates 2016 August - Back to the university, future patches and more.

Sun Aug 21, 2016 8:59 pm by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Back to the university

I am going to be doing to do two exams, one on 23rd and one on the 27th (yeah a saturday lol), after that I will start my full time at the university again at the 29th. Just wanted to let you guys know.

Future patches
Patch 3.3 will hopefully be released at the end of august or maybe if things go wrong somewhere in the start of september. Due to my limited time I probably have to start releasing small patches while working with patch 4.0.

Gonna move
Me, Rainbow and our parents are actually going to be moving to a new house. We'll move in september (9th), just wanted to let you guys know. I think you guys won't even notice it, but it's better to tell ya.

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Topic(s) Of The Month- (March & April 2016)

Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:21 pm by =KF=Thunder^

Note for this month:Hello Guys, I hereby, Sincerely Apologise towards all of you for being so late with this topic, I intended to post it much earlier than this but I was really busy with other stuff such as studies etc.. also, my laziness got the better of me Razz Therefore, I apologise once again!

Previous Topics of the Month-, (Just incase you missed them),

Important/must read/must reply topic's
- No Important/must read/must reply topic(s) this month.

Decision topic
- No decision topic(s) this month.

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Community updates

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Topic(s) Of The Month, (January & February 2016)

Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:11 pm by =KF=Thunder^

Note for this month:Hello Guys, I hereby, Sincerely Apologise towards all of you for being so late with this topic, I intended to post it much earlier than this but I was really busy with other stuff such as studies etc.. also, my laziness got the better of me Razz Therefore, I apologise once again!

Previous Topics of the Month-, (Just incase you missed them),

Important/must read/must reply topic's

Decision topic
- No decision topic this month.

News topic

Community updates

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July 2016 updates

Sun Jul 03, 2016 11:40 am by VK.Angel.OfDeath

1. The scripting for patch 3.2 is finished. I just need to go through everything and test, test and test. So nothing goes wrong. I need some admins for it as well.

The most annoying part is to transfer the script to VRocker host, because I need to put the server offline and lock it and then go through testing to see if the transfer was successful. So I don't want to do something wrong or transfer it when I am bothering a lot of people. I will definitely not transfer anything if there are more than 10 people on the server.

When will it be released? I am going to say today or at latest the 5th or 6th of july if everything goes to shit, which so far has been the case.

I once again forgive some of you for promising the patch at the end of june and I will make sure to not make those promises in the future since minor bugs can waste a lot of times.

I can however say that patch 4.0 will come out at the latest: end of august, because that is way down the line and it will probably …

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June 2016 updates - Next patch, Summer vacation, A contest, 2016 Event.

Wed Jun 01, 2016 2:49 pm by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Next patch & Summer vacation.
I got my last exam on saturday. After that I am going to start scripting on the server almost every day until the start of september. I hope that it will mean that we are going to get a lot more content.

Patch 3.2 should be hitting at the end of june at the latest. It's not going to be a big patch but it will be something and it will be improving old stuff and fixing some stuff. I am hoping to finish the NPC script this patch. I've done much math for the NPC to "think" and attack. I am very proud of it. My plan is to at least use them for a minigame arena. They will not be like normal NPCs they will be dummies that can literally see you and attack you. You can kill them and everything and I have many ways for them to attack to add variety and difficulty. I am never going to add them in the normal world for one simple reason: I don't want them to mess with your normal DM routines. But maybe in the future they will exist in custom properties. Maybe …

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2016 May Updates - What's next??

Sun May 08, 2016 10:28 am by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Just a quick update I wanted to talk about a couple of things.

1. VC-MP released version 4 of VC-MP 0.4. I have converted the script to that version now. I just have some positioning to do for the menu's and stuff. I am unsure whether or not to just convert us to version 4 right now or to wait. If I do it now nothing will basically change and if I do it later I can add some menu's for stats in-game.

2. I thinking about calling patch 4.0 the GUI patch and release it with lots of menu's replacing /weptoplist and stuff like that and then continue to release patch 3.x.x patches in the meantime. My main reason for not just converting us to version 4 immediately is because I want more time to learn the new stuff and still continue to release updates. I would rather just script the GUI stuff over a long period of time and at the same time release other stuff (like things from your suggestions, more minigames and stuff)

3. Here's my plan:

patch 4.0: Converting to version 4.0 …

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More Info about patch 3.1

Sun Apr 17, 2016 8:54 pm by VK.Angel.OfDeath

Patch 3.1 is coming soon and with that I would like to say two quick things:

1. It will include some more download files. From what I remember there are 6 download files and since noobs doesn't want to wait, I have now uploaded two of them to the server and in a few days I will upload a few more so hopefully people won't rq as soon as they see the files downloading. I'd like to ask my regular players and admins to stay on the server to encourage the noobs to download these files.

2. I'd like to think that this patch is really: Angel improves what you guys think needs improving like: There's not enough cars. Even though I don't like to disappoint you guys. It may be so that the patch 3.1 might be delayed one week, It's not because I am lazy it's because I want to add as much improvements and testing as possible. I can't be sure though if this will be the case, maybe I will finish it next weekend anyways. We have to wait and see.

Creating races actually takes a lot more time than …

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Patch 3.1 is coming April 24th 2016

Fri Mar 25, 2016 1:06 pm by Chuck Norris

This patch will not be as big as patch 3.0 because that patch was worked on for 6-8 months along side with patch 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3. 3.1 will be a small patch. It will to sum it up:

- Add some improvements & fixes from your suggestion list.
- Make the current minigames better without spoiling much. (it won't change the overall gameplay of the minigames, but it will make them more fun & maybe give people more reason to play them)
- The only big thing: I am going to solve the vehicle problem by having the option to create custom property vehicles. Owners of a custom property will be able to buy 10 vehicle slots where you can put vehicles in any model, color & position in the world. Only the owner will be able to bring the custom property vehicles to the normal world. The reason for this is simple: You can already own 5 vehicles & having 10 more vehicles from custom properties (that you build) is more than you will ever use. The price for each vehicle slot for a property will go up the …

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